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How can I tell if a designer bag is genuine? 

In some instances you can't!  But we can!  

We have extensive knowledge on how to authenticate dozens of luxury brands throughout decades of design changes.  If we are not 100% sure of the authenticity, it doesn't go up for sale!

Replicas are getting better all the time. There are obvious signs to look for like stitching, logos, serial numbers, holograms etc, however there are lots and lots of other points we check.  Replicas can now even come with copies of genuine store receipts.  We never authenticate from receipts alone.  

We look at the bag, not just the paperwork.  

To date we have never miss-sold any designer item.  If there was ever an instance where a mistake was made we offer a full money back guarantee!

Why don't you contact me when my items sells?

If you happen to be selling only one or two items we are more than happy to send a text upon the item selling. However if like most of our selling clients you have multiple items in at once with us, we kindly ask that you contact us from time to time for updates on your sales.  We have lots of sales every day and have over 1000 selling customers at any one time so contacting everybody every day would be extremely challenging.  

What is your refund policy?

Please see our policies on refunds or exchanges across the different methods of purchasing here.

Can I exchange my items for other items in store?

When any of the items you have in for sale are sold, you have the option to either take a payment in the form of a bank transfer or a cheque for the amount due, or you can take an exchange for any of our current stock. You can receive part payment/part exchange, or take a more expensive item and pay the difference!  It's up to you!

What are your terms and conditions of selling?

Items brought into Handbag Heaven Exchange (HHE) are for sale on behalf of you, the customer.  A sale price was agreed by the customer and HHE.  Prices may be altered slightly if the current RRP is found to be more or less than that stated at the time of pricing.  

I agree that HHE will retain a commission from each sale.  For items priced from £1 to £299 HHE will retain 50%.  For items priced £300 to £1999 HHE will retain 40%.  For items priced over £2000 HHE will retain 30%.

Items will be for sale at HHE for 6 months under the agreed price.  After 6 months, if the items have not been sold, HHE will reduce the price automatically to try to secure a sale.  Items priced at £15 or under may be donated to our nominated charity where they will receive 100% of the sale price.  HHE will not retain any profit.

HHE cannot be held responsible for any reasonable wear or tear an item might incur from being on display. 

We ask you to please contact us to determine if any items have been sold.  HHE will NOT contact you to advise any sales of items due to the high number of sellers. 

You will be paid by bank transfer or cheque or you can opt to exchange your amount due for any item selling in store.  A £1 admin fee will be retained by HHE for each cheque payment.  

If money due is not collected in any form by 18 months from the date of sale commencing, customer’s share of the profit may be donated to our nominated charity at the discretion of HHE.

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